Pieps Tour Pro 34 JetForce Black/Red Medium/Large


The 200-liter JETFORCE airbag can be filled in less than 3 seconds thanks to the jet-fan rotor that spins at 60,000 revolutions per minute (by comparison, a hairdryer spins at 4,000-20,000 rpm).
Periodic refilling guarantees the bag stays inflated, even in case of small tears or leaks. After 3 minutes, the airbag automatically deflates, reducing pressure on the user. In the case of a full burial, this can create an hollow space that increases the chance of survival.


The JetForce airbag material needs no special packing and folding technique and can be repacked quickly and easily. The bag is made with 315d Cordura® airbag-fiber technology, which offers exeptional strength at very low weight.


The JetForce-system use a specially designed Lithium-Ion battery, which generates high current even at very cold temperatures (-30°C).


500 charge cycles ensure a long-lifetime, self-discharge for easy storage properties.


The intelligent battery management system (BMS) is together with temperature sensors responsible for an optimized battery-performance as well as protection (e.g. depth decharge and charging at temperature below zero). 

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