2017 Nobl TR45+ 27.5" Boost 148x12/110x15mm Hope Hub

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The TR45 took years to develop, but it was worth the wait! The proprietary molding process and hybrid single wall construction yield an incredibly light and strong rim! The unique hybrid single wall design allows for extra reinforcement in key areas that would not be possible with a classic box section profile.The rim offers incredible lateral stiffness which is a weak point of more traditional single wall rims. This keeps the wheel feeling responsive and controlled when pushing the limits.

Nobl 2017 rims have a new layup process that they've developed to make their rims stronger than ever. Each seam overlaps at a different position strategically. The center channel now interlocks with the hookless lips through multiple layers to help distribute impact forces. The combination of these changes results in a rim that is uniform in design and free of any weak spots.

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